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Our Local Troll - Benny the Beard Fisher

"Benny the Beard Fisher is a new art installation on the banks of the Manistique River at Northland Outhfitters in Germfast. He is a troll character in a coming children's book by Danish artist Thomas Dambo- and the latest up north attraction to open tot he public.

If you ever wondered about the world of trolls then its time you dig in and follow Thomas and his installation of magical trolls all over the world! I had no idea this even existed until one of our repeat guests called one day last year to make a reservation to come see Benny! She explained to me what was happening only a short 25 minutes away! I was dumbfounded since any big addition like this you hear about pretty quick. Once I started down the troll whole of learning that Thomas and his team travel all over the world putting his version of recycled art on banks and in forests I instantly became interested in the story! Once Benny was finished and my family and I made our way down to see him I felt an instant bond with this guy!. He's amazing and his story is perfect for our up north wilderness. Im so glad new entrepreneurs at Northland Outfitters in Germfask had thought outside the box and brought Thomas and his team here. He is a great addition and please read more about him and his other troll friends all around the world!


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