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Good Night, Sleep Tight

adoba® Naubinway has teamed up with Clare Bedding / Restonic Bedding of Escanaba, MI to provide our guests with the ultimate sustainable comfort in sleep! It is proven by scientific research that good sleep is vital to our health and well-being. Sleep is a health necessity and should be a luxury! Guest health, sleep and comfort is vital to the adoba® brand and we take care of making these green luxaries with out any extra effort or sacrificies in a guest stay. We have combined many pieces to come up with the ulitmate bed package that is not only good for our guests but the enviroment as well! The mattresses themselves are made from WI lumber frame, recycled metal, 100% New Zealand all natural Joma Wool and 100% plant based CertiPURE Certified pressure -relief upholstery layers. Along with the comfort of this mattress the comfort of the bedding consists of 1800 count bamboo sheets, gel filled certi-plus pillows, and wool comforters combine to make a great night sleep. According to the New York Times "The typical mattress is a 60-pound chunk of fiber, foam and steel springs. Roughly 8,000 of them end up in American landfills every day. That amounts to nearly 175 million pounds of wasted material a year that slowly rots away there, taking up already diminished space." What do you do with that old mattress? There are some options. Donation is always a good one. There are people who need a better mattress or just one in general! You would be pleasantly surprised to find that people would be happy to have what you want to dispose of. The other option is to recycle and there are certain places that will take old mattresses to recycle the material such as wood, steel and fibers that get reused for new products. Clare Bedding in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is doing just that by producing new mattresses made out of new recycled products and more importantly making a superior product here in Michigan! Our guests will love our new Sueños Verde by adoba® bedding package!

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