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The adoba® ecotel - suites brand exemplifies the best new green hotel concept the industry has to offer. Our mission is to turn “green” on its head—by making the hotel owner and guests the first and most important beneficiaries of our initiatives. 

We invite owners and developers to take a look at the adoba brand 4-tier full-service and or select service prototype. You can count on superior, sustaining returns on either investment and a lodging option that minimizes negative environmental impact and maximizes benefits to local communities and enhancing tourism opportunities for future generations of travelers. 

The adoba® ecotel + suites brand is based on a simple concept; building a top-performing independent property designed for maximum energy efficiency, improved health of our environment and elevated long-term profitability is the perfect choice of the times for owners, investors and the environment. 

The brand has an ultimate real estate end game in mind for each and every adoba® ecotel + suites and adoba ecotel Inn. The hotels will prove to be not only a profitable hotel business model, but also a prime real estate holding. The sustainability features and the construction of the building will lead to a historical real estate holding in terms of asset valuation, durability and longevity.

A New Clean & Eco-Friendly Brand

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