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Go Jump In A Lake

We mean it LITERALLY.. Over the past few months I have often wondered about why people like to travel to an ocean to be at the beach? Is it the sand? Is it the sun? Maybe it's the serenity that the "laying on the beach offers" or watching a sunrise/ sunset. Either way I have found recently that the Great Lakes has to offer all of these same benefits without the cons. While researching the best beaches of the Great Lakes there are many that people find to be their favorites for various reasons. We happen to be partial but we have three public access beaches that are rated as favorites in the Upper Peninsula practically in our backyard!

  • Beaches of US-2 (Public land)

Traveling east from Naubinway Lake Michigan beach, grassy dunes, no facilities, roadside parking, free

  • Hog Island State Forest Campground

Located 7 miles east of Naubinway on US-2 Lake Michigan Beach, restrooms, picnic areas, parking, free for day visit.

Not only is spending the day at the beach magnificent but driving along the coast or walking the miles of sandy beaches and clear water is enough to free your mind from whatever it is that ales you. Next time you consider taking a beach vacation you should really try "jumping in a lake"! You will find nothing like it!

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