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Antique Snowmobile Show & Ride 2016

This year Naubinway celebrated the 24th Top of the Lake Show & Ride! Winter season in the Upper Peninsula brings in lots of nature and sports enthusiasts but none as big as the snowmobile riders! According to Wikipedia "challenges of cross-country transportation in the winter led to the invention of the snowmobile, an all-terrain vehicle specifically designed for travel across deep snow where other vehicles floundered. During the 20th century, rapidly evolving designs produced machines that were two-person tracked vehicles powered by gas engines that enabled them to tow a sled or travel, initially at low-to-moderate speeds, depending on snow conditions, terrain and obstacles protruding above the snow like brush and trees." Of course the snowmobiles of old are not as sleek and fast as today's machines but they sure were nothing to discount as far as power and speed! Naubinway boasts it's own snowmobile trail as well as the Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum! It only makes sense to hold a show and ride to celebrate this timeless machine. This was the first year that adoba® participated in the show and we had a great time! This gave us a great opportunity to meet people from all over, learn more history of the snowmobiles and participate in this fun event! Our guests brought sleds that were from all different manufacturers and years. They were able to display them as well as take them out riding and overall it turned out to be a fun and eventful weekend for all!

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