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Rock River Canyon or Eben Ice Caves

Eben Junction in the Upper Peninsula one of Michigan’s prime winter attractions. The caves are formed when melting snow runs over the edge of the small cliff and freezes. The "Rock River Canyon Ice Caves" better known as the Eben Ice Caves, form when melting snow runs over the edge of a small cliff and freezes, forming "ice caves" Much like the large ice formations along Munising's Grand Island and parts of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, if you were to visit here in the summer you would see little to no water running over the edge. People will come from far and wide to see this and to hike the caves. The wonder of the water that barely trickles over the rock formation in the spring to the enormous caves that it creates starting in December is an amazing site! Remember that ice tracks of any sorts are recommended since it can become very slippery walk.

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