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adoba® Opens a boutique hotel in Naubinway, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

adoba® ecotel + suites will soon open a new property in a peaceful little town named Naubinway, Michigan or its Indian name "Place of Echos". It is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and also known as "Top of the Lake" due to it's location at the northern most point of Lake Michigan. Established in 1873 by William Boucha and many of the current residents are descendants of the French Voyageurs and Indians. Naubinway rich in history was settled as a natural port for the lumber ships of the lumber boom of the last century. Although it was lumber that brought the early settlers, when the timber ran out and the lumber boom of the late 1800's finally died around the turn of the century. It is now known for it's fishing industry and fishing is still a large part of the economy today. Located in Naubinway is the Garlyn Zoo a home to hundreds of native North American animals including, alligator, fox, wolves, bobcat, whitetail deer, cougar, river otter, porcupine, bison, also exotic animals from around the world, siberian tigers, patagonian cavy, ring-tailed lemur, camel, reindeer, sika deer, sulcata tortoise just to name a few. This natural habitat zoo is a walk through wilderness like no other. Naubinway and surrounding cities are blessed by nautural beauty and wildlife. Across US-2 from the motel is Hiawatha National Forest, an 894,836-acre forest or also known as “the Great Lakes National Forest.” The Forest’s lakeside setting makes it unique among National Forests. It includes pristine 9 hole golf course with rolling fairways, beautiful fast greens and wonderful walk in the park. This is also home to many snowmobile, ATV and walking trails. Michigan Snowmobiling has long been part of Michigan's winter lore and the Upper Peninsula is home to the finest snowmobile trails and trail system in the world. Naubinway is proud to have the Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum that displays the history of snowmobiling with many vintage "sleds" and gear on display. Downtown Naubinway boasts other great little businesses such as The Anchor In and 906 Hunt Company. When traveling to the Upper Peninsula, Naubinway is a great place to stay and close to all other famous destinations of the Upper Peninsula like Tahquamenon Falls and Pictured Rocks . There truly is no place like the UP and when you are there, life seems slower, simpler. It is how life should feel!

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